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I Couldn't Love You More Esther Freud

‘Freud shows how a trail goes cold, how paths diverge. Isn’t this what happens when secrecy trumps common sense? But she also demonstrates the power of women forging ahead, building families they choose, occasionally moving in the same direction as family they’ve been denied. These stories  should be told, listened to and remembered’  


New York Times

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Hideous Kinky Esther Freud

'Hideous Kinky is a small, beautiful, shining thing I found when I was young and have held onto my entire adult life. It is so dear to me, as a reader and a writer.  Meg Mason - author of Sorrow and Bliss.'

'I devoured it in two sittings, hungrily and impatient for more ... A loving tale of motherhood through the ages, of how badly women have been treated simply for being women. You will weep with happiness and sadness'

Emma Barnett - woman's hour

'Intensely imagined and vividly observed ... Page-turning, complex and emotionally satisfying'

Diana Hendry, Spectator

Esther Freud

Freud's book unpicks the promise of liberation - who enjoys it, who pays the price ... The sharp intimacy of the writing is ... full of compassion and a profound decency'


Sunday Times

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